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Book Reviews and Literary-related musing.

In 2020 I started reviewing some of the new titles being put out by Aconyte books, the fiction-publishing arm of Board Game giants Asmodee, over on my board-game blog, Fistful of Meeples.

Over time, the book reviewing outgrew its original home, and I wanted to be able to publish my thoughts on a broader range of written creations – thus The Story Board was born.

Latest Posts

Book Review – The Devourer Below

Warning: This review contains spoilers for Arkham Horror the Card Game’s “Night of the Zealot” Campaign. Where some of Aconyte’s releases bear only the most tangential relationship to the games that (notionally) inspire them, their latest Arkham Horror release, The Devourer Below, could hardly draw more heavily from the source material. Arkham Horror the Card…

Book Review – Death’s Kiss

“This is perhaps the most idiotic thing you have ever done,” Kasami said. Shin nodded cheerfully.“Yet,” he corrected, “that I have done yet” Daidoji Shin and his longsuffering bodyguard, Hiramori Kasami are back for another adventure in Josh Reynolds’ Death’s Kiss, the latest Legend of the Five Rings novel from Aconyte books. For anyone who…

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